Saturday, June 24

Val's Farewell Dinner @ Maya Da Dhaba

This is the 2nd/3rd farewell dinner that I have to attend in my lab in the past year or so..quite depressing since most of the people leaving the labs are the noisy ones and the fun ones and thus leaving behind only the nerds, geeks and annoying ones.. :D

We had Val's farewell at Maya Da cut long story short I SO HATE INDIAN FOOD IN SYDNEY!!! Sucks men..expensive, damn little and horrible...I want back my mamak!!!!!!! Obviously it wasn't me who choosed the fact I was suggesting we go korean since is much cheaper and there is more food...but the one planning the dinner who is an indian decided we should go indian (since indian food has more vegetarian option...since he is a vegan....MISTAKE #1 for me...why why why let a vegan choose place??need carnivorous like me to choose the place!!!!)

Anyways dinner was supposed to be at 7..I was late (no no is not because I was keeping malaysian time, i had to fetch my brother at 7 and hey atleast I managed to fly there in record time and reached at 7.20..and this is after i sent my brother home too..haha) the latest person there was definately not me... phewwwww... but I was late enuff to get the horrible seat of the to my supervisor...that is a sign by the way of dinner not going to be that great liao... and how true it was whole night I had to talked to my supervisor about work and stuffs..then obviously there are gossips he was telling me (under influence of alcohol..haha)... so one lesson I learn...don't drink so much during office dinner...haha esp in front of your boss.... but my supervisor really drank a lot..haha like the whole table among us we finished like 10 bottles of wine...hai alcoholics... (I CAN PROUDLY SAID I ONLY DRANK ONE GLASS...I'm just such an angel at times..)

Dinner in the end started around 8pm (which is like way past my dinner time so I was like not having any more mood to eat..hai..) The organiser of the event (Mr. Vegan) ordered the banquet for all of us..about $22 a head...(but no worries men supervisor shouted yesterday..haha if I knew he was going to shout I would have insisted on the seafood banquet..damn)..anyways dinner started off with th appetizer which was called samosas (which seriusly apart from the shape taste and feels like curry puff..) I have to say it was really quite good because I love curry puffs!!!!mmmm..then the meals started coming....there was tandoori chickens, loads of other meats (which obviously I do not know what it is..looks like sausages..)..then there were different bowls of curries (which I didn't take a lot of picture because by the time they got to me thru passing there was so little there to take nice pictures of.....but there were like vindaloos, curry mutton, curry beef/chicken and whole loads more of curry vege...which I didn't touch the vege but the sauce was not too bad)...but I should stress here that none of these curries by the way were spicy....hai yo so not chi kik at all!!!! We had unlimited serve of basmati rice (which tasted a bit like nasi briyani with less stuffs) and a loads of naan (cheap ppl only gave us plain naan...hai...)...then for dessert they served us ice cream on the plate...half of them yellow and the other half looked quite weird already but when you taste it, it was weirder....I wouldn't say it was not nice, it just tasted really super creamy not sweet no taste....just weird!!!!!

Dinner ended around 11pm...(thank god)...haha not to say I wasn't having a good time but I was really so tired and sleepy!!! Val atleast liked her farewell gift which was the UNSW sweater (PINK BY THE WAY!!!) haha..she looked really happy...well who wouldn't be if you finished your PHD, getting papers, got a new job with a company, getting married in ausgust and just fininshed your honeymoon??haha (yeah she did things a bit opposite...she went for a whole month of honey moon in europe in june, then now get married in august..) LUCKY!!!!! so she was talking about her honeymood whole night..haha well more like the whole night conversation was about her, world cup (too many aussie fans in my lab..darn) and one more was about Roger and his shaving...Roger is the botak head guy in the pics..haha so he was telling us how he shave his head and the techniques..he said he would demonstrate on Monday for us..haha can't wait...

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