Wednesday, June 21

World Cup Earnings = Medical Bill

This world is just bloody not far my world cup earnings is fairly good (thanks to riding on my dad's ya dad so much!!!)...WAS suppose to be on track for my jersey..although still deciding should I get Korea jersey or Argentina jersey..hmmmmmmmmm

well that was until yesterday!!!! like an hour before going to collect my winnings from TAB (I LOVE YOU KOREA!!) I went to the doctor to get back my blood test result and show her my extremely healthy ultrasound report...and how much did she charge me for going to get those 2 things done???!!! 50 freaking bucks!!!! like WTF??? not to mention I made an appointment for 7.30 and had to wait 40 minutes just to see why the hell did I make an appointment for?? urghh..and how long did I see her for???5 minutes!!!! 50 bucks for 5 minutes!!! hai...(and need I mention the 72 bucks she charged me last week when I went to her first?) and the greatest damn it of all?? there is nothing wrong with me (which by the way is worse!!) and now I got a referral to go to a gynaecology (which by the way means more money out of me pocket!!!) hai looks like my world cup earnings is going to go negative real soon with these medical bills...arghhhh damn medicare!!!!!! bloody hell bring back bulk billing men!!!! pity my pocket!!!

On the other hand won another bet yesterday...went for england and sweden draw...hehe quite funny because was watching the game..when sweden score I was for england, when england score I was for sweden..haha men I dun care bout those 2 teams I just care for me $$$...haha good morning exercise though..haha

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