Saturday, June 17

World Cup Fever Continues

<---- that is the by the way the winning 2 bets of the world cup game :) had to buy that for my dad yesterday and I obviously "tumpang" and put some of me own money in it.. so total world cup bets winning is now $7.80 (overall lah since I lost for the Japan one and won only a little in the Korea game) If only I had brought enuff cash with me yesterday I would have bet more...damn damn..Notice the damn stupid note at the bottom of the ticket..haha anyone here has a gambling addiction and want to call??I've always wondered how they would advise you....haha someone please call and tell me ya!!!

never mind still got loads more games to go...haha still wondering whether I should bet on Japan again or not...hai so dissapointed...or should I bet the Aus vs Brazil one???? But definately must bet on Korea and France (prob is can't decide whether want to bet draw or Korea win...) My brain is so not thinking right now (my sleep time is so all screwed up...since I watched 2 of the matches yesterday...GO ARGENTINA...they are a damn bloody good should have seen their games..damn good!!!)

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