Monday, June 26

*yawn* waiting again

Short post today....I admit nowdays a bit lazy to post something I'm lack of sleep already here...any spare moments is to sleep sleep...and all I can think of is sleep sleep sleep...but unfortunately in the lab now waiting for my mum to come and pick me up...hai so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid brother and his trombone lessons...urghhhh make me have to wait longer..that would mean shorter time for me to go home cook their dinner and come out again!!!arghhhh as what I was talking with a friend of mine from Japan yesterday...we just need a guy fast to get us out of this life..haha right I WISH!!!!!

*yawn* for the god knows how many times today...on a lighter note..supervisor came up to me today and said I've got good taste in guys..haha he was watching the korean match with swiss and he said the korean guys are kinda cute...haha :D (come to think of it must ask him tmr which one..haha my ahn jung hwan must be..hehe)..atleast he didn't say the swiss guys were cute..urghh bloody swiss...condemn you liao for making my south korea go home...

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