Thursday, June 15

Yum Cha at Bondi's Kam Fook

Backdated post again for Monday 12.06.06

I have to admit I've been pretty slack on my posting lately..well can't expect me to post something up everyday!!! hehe I could if it wasn't for the lack of sleep and the damn flu (let's not get there)

So anyways it was the Queen's Bday public holiday....was woken up at 10am with my brother jumping on me and asking me whether I want to go out for lunch..and I was like must i??? I am after all sick!!! like give me a break men...but in the end due to me being such a responsible and respectful daughter/sister I decided to go and have yum cha with them...I should stress that I seriusly hate the Kam Fook in much more expensive, harder to find parking and worse the restaurant is so small compared to the one in Chatswood that you have to wait ages to get sitted....but then my brother's been bugging me for ages to go there because he claims there is a leng chai there (working as a waiter btw) that would suit what else can I say right??

So anyways got there around 11.30 and yes we still had to wait damn..for a good 15 minutes...I TOLD YOU I HATE THIS PLACE...sat down and my brother obviously pointed to me the "supposed" leng chai...which need I say look like shit...and not to mention the fact that he is an old fart..urghh...gosh I'm so so so so so not trusting my brother taste ANYMORE!!! waste my time only..

Ordered loads of food that day..I was really hungry waiting you see...haha..and when the bill came my eye balls almost popped out of hte socket..70 bucks!!! since it was public holiday they charged $3.50 a head...damn this chinese ppl who is cheating me of my money...hai..I'm so on my way to broke-dom....

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