Monday, July 24

Bitching Update

Pretty slow on my posting again....busy busy busy...urmmm ok let's not include the weekends now since weekend is starting to be my domesticated time so not much time to let me continue on further from my previous bitching post

Friday: Damn my bloody gene sequencing ain't working again..I'm starting to think I'm really jinx-ed up in this department..urghh urghh urghh...then got this phone call at around noon when I was trying to trouble shoot...happened to be from this geeky looking guy from my centre...(more like really geeky looking guy that I just want to stay far away from..scares me men) anyways he called and asked me if I was the one who booked the dark room at 2-3..and I said yes...and he asked me whether he can join me inside at 2.30 to do his work..(first I BOOKED THE DAMN ROOM...and no way I want anyone in there with me..urmm wait exception of course if you are a damn leng chai or someone I dun mind and not scared of..) so obviously I said no but I said I'll try to finish up by 2.30...(be glad men after all you are the one who didn't book it earlier..cis) in the end me finished around 2.40 (I was already hurrying up but I can't help it if my stuffs were working and I had to get more exposure time so I don't need to repeat it again)..and he was outside the room waiting impatiently...cis too much men..kept knocking the door asking me how long for god sake men leave me alone in no no no way me staying in the same room like you!!! not to mention a small DARK room with you...urghhhh

Saturday: 3 words...I HATE SATURDAY!!!!!! my mum started class again by the way...and this time her timetable is friday nights and saturday morning...(meaning no friday nite out for me because I have to babysit and no late sleep ins on saturday morning because I have to fetch my mum to work at 8am and my brother at 9.30am..not to mention have to pick my mum back up at 11 and my brother at that leaves me only sunday morning to sleep in..arghhhh!!! I'm so going to be super duper cranky on saturday!!!!) anyways planned on doing a nice dinner that day...shepherd's pie..mmmmm had everything all ready to cook then last minute mum say dun want dinner at home since she is going out with the annoying fart for dinner...cis say so men earlier than I would not waste my time to prepare everything..aka meaning I can do my cross stitch and watch my drama...urghhh hate last minute things

Sunday: Damn fridge not working again..and guess who is the one who has to do all the callings??? so found this guy who charged 44 bucks to ok lah cin cai lah just come fix the damn fridge and leave me in the way it cost 198 bucks in the end because of the anyway this bastard look at the fridge he asked me where the fridge came from I said from Malaysia..and he said you should have told me earlier...and I was like huh?? You didn't even ask...then he say if he know it was oversea model he wouldn't have came...WELL TOO BAD..YOU NO ASK I NO SAY!!! he just checked the fridge..after all he is here already...bloody hell lah is a LG what?! then smart mum asked him whether he want anything to drink and he asked for coffee...too much...and guess the idiot who had to do it?!! Me!!! so me grumbily made the coffee..and I only by the way put 1 teaspoon of coffee...and the bastard complained about my coffee being too strong and lack of milk!!! urghhh do I look like a barista to you??!!! and how dare you complain when I made the coffee for you....not to mention for myself I put more coffee and you dare say is strong... or more like his exact words were "You better not make coffee for anyone from now on" cis too much bastard bastard bastard...If my fridge weren't in your hands you would seriusly have gotten a huge piece of my mind...urghhhhh bastard!!!!!!!

I had a real productive weekend eh?!

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