Tuesday, July 18

End of World Cup Celebration

Backdated post again: Dinner was on 11/07/06

And although Italy won the World Cup and my lovely cousin keeps asking me to eat pasta for a whole month (men can get fat you know!), me and J5GW (or actually make that J7GW now) decided to go German!!!! haha well we have to support them a bit for the great hosting what...and not to mention everytime before a match begins, there will always be a bit of documentary on germany and wooo the food looks so good....ESP THE BLACK FOREST CAKE!!! I'm seriusly now by the way craving for that...I saw the cake in Una's actually but was seriusly too stuffed to eat anything... but we actually went to Una's because I also had this craving for pork knuckle..haha a nice roasted crispy pork kunckle..but unfortunately we went too early so the pork knuckle wasn't ready!!! Kik sei me or not??!!! and I didn't want to miss the movie again so in the end we ordered the beef stew and the sausages...mmm i love sausages..haha esp when it comes with rosti (potato...super yummy) and the sowerkraup (i really have no idea how to spell..but is basically pickled vege..not me cup of tea...due to the big V word..hehe) the beef stew was really good actually..beef was soft and tender and the pasta yummmmm

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