Monday, July 17

Horse Riding @ Glenworth Valley

Note: By the end of the walk, MY ARSE AND BACK HURTS!!!!

Ok now that I have poured my heart out let me continue this post...Was a sunny afternoon (I hate the sun...but thank god it was sunny!!!) Woke up early for a bloody Sunday morning (there goes my only weekend that I can sleep late!)...had to be at the horse ranch by noon....and it is around 1 and half hour drive from my place...problem was we were suppose to be doing the horse riding with a bunch of other ppl which was hai LATE!!!! which by the way made us start late around 12.45...and this is a 2 hour ride!!! and NOT A SINGLE RESTAURANT NEARBY!!!! we finished close to 3pm and as usual I didn't have any breakfast or by the time the ride was over I was officially HUNGRY ENOUGH TO EAT A HORSE (well literally anyway..not that I did it lah obviously)...note I just needed to bitch a bit :)

So reached the place way before noon...had to hand around waiting for ppl...the first few minutes at the place by the way was horrible!!!! The smell....oh my god imagine a horse pee and poo mix together...and then multiply that with maybe say 60x since there was so many horses there all congregated in one pen around the hut...the smell!!! men seriusly horrible shit!!!! but after a while the smell went away (of all the smell to get used to)..... :) and yes I took the liberty of putting up the pictures of the horse doing its business....well you kinda have to focus properly to horse is pee-ing and the other one just finished its poo-ing (which can't really see properly but it was actually steaming hot) by the way this cycle happens quite a they love to pee and poo all the time...and the pen they are in is just filled with poo and pee everywhere (aka very freaking muddy)

And yes we had to go inside the pen to get on the horses..meaning we had to walk around the mudhole full of pee and poo...and I was wearing my white shoes some more..damn...(had to come home and give it a good wash after that...hai so mah fuhn)...Anyways my horse name was Eddy (quite a nice horse though extremely tempremental), Heidi got Kiwi (she said he was pretty good too), Jon got Cocktail (really quite tempremental) and my mum got Lance (very good horse..slow though..hehe)

So after getting on Eddy, I realised how I'm so afraid of heights...arghh the thought of falling down...and on to the poopee ground....grosss.....and Eddy by the way loves to move...can't stand I said tempremental a bit lah...he got a mind of its own...when he wants to walk he walk, when he feel like trotting he trots giving me a heart attack when he does it...but he stops when he has to (by the way the has to does not include the part where I stop him...he just stops to smell some other horses ass) he loves to go near other horses!!!! smell them or more like their butt..haha and he loves squeezing by the matter how tight a spot..dunno how many times my leg got squashed between horses and not to mention the bushes!! luckily me wearing long pants or not my leg sure would have been scarred!!!!..and need I say he is very hungry right in the middle of the trail he can go slightly off course to the field to get some grass...and while I was on him also he had to go and eat some leaves...never listen to me..and the weirdest part, he knows the whole everytime we stop for saddle checking, after we are checked he would straight go and get ready for the next part of the trail (NO MATTER HOW MUCH I STOP about in a hurry to get back)...hai...but overall I guess he is good like I didn't need to do much...just stop him here and there....I guess...the rest of the horses??? well I didn't ride them so I don't know..haha since this is my blog me saying my experience only...period....:)..the first 30 minutes of the walk was pretty slow which I figured out why....Eddy haven't done his business so yup during the walk he did his business...and after that he was fast.. :) and need I also include he also pee-ed during our experience together???!!! I told you all the horses know how to do is pee and poo

The whole experience was seriusly quite good...could have been better of course if I had some food (like come on men even Eddy had his meal!!!!)...after the ride ended thank god my mum decided to split off from the pack and we went to have lunch/dinner (& breakfast for me) ourselves in Chatswood...will put that up in tmr work now...hai

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