Friday, July 28

I Curse Everythin Now!!!!!

Today is just a big pissing me off day...I'm drop dead tired and half cursing every single freaking already bad enuff I have to rush all my work today so I can fetch my mum to work at 4 and my brother for his sparing at make matter worse SOME FREAKING DAMN BLOODY DUMB ARSE left the bloody dry ice container open...and all the dry ice evaporated..bloody hell on the day I really need the dry ice this has to happen!!!! screw that person upside down!!! and what do I have to resort to doing now?!!! I have to instead of having dry ice on bench..I have to go all the way down to the basement (I'm on the 4th floor) and put my samples in the -80 freezer to freeze it (which by the way I calculated takes about 7 or so minutes to freeze)...then I have to bring it back up to my lab and wait for it to thaw (counted also takes about 40 minutes)...and this process have to be repeated 6 damn bloody freaking times!!!! urghhh and is like meaning going down and up 12 freaking bloody times all together...arghhhh and the lifts on my building seriusly should just be bombed men...freaking hell slow and the worse idiotic pathetic students who take the lift 2 floors!!! arghhh hate those idiots so much!!!! i curse curse curse you idiots!!!!!!!

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