Thursday, July 20


Note: *drum roll* time for another bitching session.... haven't been doing much of it lately.... so since I got approximately 10 minutes I'm going to use it to bitch bitch and bitch...

I'm really hating this week so men I really think I must have done something bad or something but this week is just a week I seriusly want to forget and quick too!!! ever since Monday is has been hectic hectic and hectic...and now Thursday I really feel so exhausted!!!! so how did my Monday-Thursday go.....

Monday: started off damn freaking painful with the after effect of horse whole body is aching and all i want to do is just lie in bed and dun get up....but nope that was not going to happen... I am after all suppose to do work...and not to mention the bloody dreaded monday morning lab meetings which seriusly hate and despise to the max...and the part where I am suppose to present just made it 10x worse... I had by the way a really cool shit presentation ready with everything linking very nicely...but since I'm so bloody bad luck..all my links weren't working so in the end my presentation was all over the place...THANK god my supervisor was alrite with it...(or more like too alrite with it for my liking)...but after my presentation which wasn't that long I think...I manage to get more work (on top of my already sky rocketing pile high up works) now instead of just lots of work I have loads of lots of work!!! and bloody hell my body is so pain and the thought of so much work is making my head pain too!!!! and by the way it is only 11am that 1pm I was officially a phone call from my mum complaining to me the fridge is not working (like men seriusly do I look like a repair woman to you??!!! go call someone and ask them to fix it not me!!!!) ..and at the same time I was hearing her complain about the fridge my supervisor came to me wanting to talk to me... so had to cut my mum short (or more like delay her complain a bit so I can talk to my supervisor)...and what did my supervisor want??!! He wanted me to write a bloody abstract by end WTF...I've never writted a bloody abstract before for a conference and you want me to do it in less than 3 hours?!!! arghh... (and ooh i should point out it was due to my so beautiful performance during the meeting which is why he decided I should write the abstract to go for this conference)...and the worst part of all?! I DUN WANT TO GO TO THIS CONFERENCE!!! it is in bloody queensland (a place I boycott for personal reason)...and so what if it is Seaworld?!! that place is so bloody ulu I can't go anywhere else..and I HATE QUEENSLAND...I was saving all my results to go to Melbourne year end for another conference (which by the way is bigger, more international, in Melbourne city itself with loads of food...and need I mention again that the conference is big so higher chance to see a cute guy?!!!) this bloody conference in Queensland is smaller (only 3 days) more intelectual type, more scientific (aka less doctors meaning less leng chai more geeks)....arghhh

Tuesday: yes I finished the bloody damn abstract paper choice doing it with loads of grumbling though...saw my supervisor he said the deadline for abstract submission has been extended to next week...damn and you forced me to come out with that bloody abstract yesterday hurrily...and now give back to me to edit and show again..kik sei think me seriusly so free meh??!!!!! and ooh I should also point out that MY BODY IS ACHING WORSE THAN MONDAY!!!! and I still have so much work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: ahhhh feeling the day can't be that bad since my body is no more aching... Handed in the bloody abstract to my supervisor..he asked me to live it in his in tray... so pheww end of the story for that abstract until he reads it and come bombarding me my email and saw he sent an email to the whole lab allocating new space for everyone..and phewww atleast I dun need to move since I'm already occupying 2 space right now...and I am after all very comfartable in my place..I can hear lots of complains and groans around since other ppl need to really wanted to slap those ppl come on men most of you guys have been here longer than me and never moved..I've been here close to 3 years and I moved 3 WTF?!!!! one even had the nerve to come up to me and said well atleast I'm already a nomad moving won't be as bad...and I'm like NO WAY!! I like my spot and if anyone wants to take my spot I shall kill them!!! so what is the worse of this space now...the bench/desk nearest to me which by the way is occupied now by this female who talks a lot (which seriusly drive me nuts at times..but bearable) is now going to be occupied by my dear annoying lab mate (some kiasu ass)...arghhh and she was like coming around it yesterday smiling saying now we are closed and she pray and hope that some of Nicole's luck will rub onto her (yeah how true I'm already feeling so sui that she is sitting near me..) aka damn I have to look behind my back again or not sure can die i tell you....that one year she was near me my results were like shit and crap...and now my results are getting better let's pray and hope!!!!

Thursday: Ppl in the lab still complaning a lot about the movement..since some of them have to move by friday they are really complaining of them by the way only has been here a few months so I really dun see what is the problem about you dun have much stuffs anyway...and the worst part they require the lab assistant to help them WTF?? that lab assistant only comes into our lab on thursday to help clean the lab and refill the lab of general stuff not like your personal maid to help you clean your table you idiots!!! urghhh and I would be happy if i were them to is only 2 bloody ppl that has to move to by the way a room just for 2 ppl (which in truth can be occupied by 4 ppl) they get more room, more privacy and they still complain like shit..some more the worse complain to me when I'm doing my hey I do have a mountain of work to get thru here!!!! not like you guys who seriusly just sit on your computer the whole day...and you still need a maid to help you?!!! CIS TOO MUCH!!!!!

aiks more than 10 to go do work...arghhh I just want to sleep!!!!

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