Friday, July 7

Is Not Because Me Lazy!!!

Really promise you is not because I'm lazy to post or anything is because recently the time my arse can actually sit down in front of my laptop have been dramatically decreased!!! the past few days in the lab has been hectic and my legs are already feeling it...past 2 days have been running here and there been busy like shit...even my normal going home time from 3-4 has been like 5 something nowdays..hai...I NEED A BREAK!!!!

Luckily my experiments been working nowdays...wait maybe not all...still having shit loads of problem with my sequencing....driving me up the walls...always giving me more work to do everyday..not to mention have to endure the smell of phenol and chloroform...(which by the way is quite nice at the begining but after a while the smell gives me a bad headache!)...

to make matter 10x worse my supervisor came to me and told me to wait for the delivery idiots on Monday at 9am....what is so wrong about that picture???apart from the fact world cup final is like at 4am...and he nicely cancelled monday meeting at 8.30 so we can all sleep..I have to be the only idiot to be here early waiting for the delivery idiots...meaning by the way I have to be here around 8 to get ready the samples to be sent to England...(ooh by the way total price of the samples is only about AUD 10..and how much is the delivery cost to England??? AUD 1800!!!!) haha shit men he should just pay for my air fare ticket there I deliver for him....SHIT!!!!

but of course I intend to leave early then next week..after all my brother and my mum is going skiing on Monday-Wednesday....Summary: I'm HOME ALONE!!!muahahha peace for 2 nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!

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