Sunday, July 16

On the road to becoming a housewife

This is by the way the reason why I'm so outdated in my blog posting....and we would have thought after World Cup I would be back in business...but well I got this just before the World Cup ended from Ebay and have been stuck with it for the past week... and looking at it again damn I think I really got a looonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg more way to go!!! I've been pretty slow at it also lah since I've been pre occupied with a lot of other stuffs...hai I just need time time time...

Another one reason why doing this is so slow is due to me trying to do this cross stitch while watching drama...:) well what can I say??I am a so bloody domesticated person...feel like an auntie already doing this now..haha sit in front of the TV watching TVB drama and doing cross stitch... :) but I finished one drama liao in the with my Alex in it too.. :) I by the way took the courtesy of putting the drama pic here too..:) after all anything with Alex in it is good...the show is not too bad by the way (My Family) Alex in it is bloody cute and sweet...and the cakes there super duper yummy I'm seriusly craving for cakes!!!!!!

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