Thursday, July 13

The Problem with Bitching

I thought of this post just a while ago while doing my experiment...was thinking of putting a food post up but thought this seems to be just the right post to write judging from my extreme crappy day yesterday...(although it was alright after I watch this drama with Alex in it...hai so touched how he did 100 delicious looking cake to "kow" I feel hungry and have this huge craving for cakes now..damn)

oops back to the subject...yes so I was thinking with all my bitching there will always come a day when the big R word comes and hit you...yes I'm talking about R.E.T.R.I.B.U.T.I.O.N it has always been in my mind I bitch so much so what happens if someone bitches about me behind my back like what I do sometimes??!!! looking at it ah well I'll just accept it I guess since it is someone else come on men what can i say??!!! so I'm proud to say if someone bitches about me then so be it...I'll take it like a man...(oops I mean woman!) bring it atleast I'm proud to say I'm a bitch (for all you who knows me and already called me a bitch...see how honest me am?) atleast better than some idiots who will never admit they are bitches and bastards right?!!! Or the worse a freaking 2 face bitch/bastards....on one hand do something and on the other hand do something so completely WTF?!!! what you expect me to do/say??!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a bloody mind reader men.....

note: but seriusly the stuffs ppl bitch about me (which gets back to me obviously) are so freaking unbelievable at come on men...bitch also bitch better things I myself can think of a milion (well maybe not million but hundreds) things to bitch about myself which is like 10x worse than some ppl bitch about me!!! unless seriusly there is nothing to bitch about me until you have to disgrace my face so much meh??I know i "yeong sui" but not until that much right???!!! I still remembered few years back I was in the lift with ppl from my class..whom by the way I do not even know or talk to..and they were full on bitching bout me and my face in cantonese (they thought I didn't understand....simply assume me ABC) and what did I do??!!! just before my floor came pretended to make a call on my mobile and started saying a few canto words just before I left the lift... ;) I AM AFTER ALL A BITCH....

p/s If need lessons in bitching feel free to email me.. or for more bitch related stories which I seem to have so much of them... email me and I will spill my whole bitch life story to you.. :)

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