Monday, July 3

Smile!! I'm on bloody video Again!!!!!

Wait..actually is not suppose to be more of curses!!!!!!!! Feeling the monday blues kicking in big time right now..yawning none stop and all I want to do is go home now....had a long day... although in truth I only did one experiment and prepare for another 2 experiments tmr..I'm just after all so bloody efficient....or more like I could have been freaking hell efficient if there wasn't a whole big bunch of news crew here just come on men my lab is already damn small and my supervisor had like more ppl coming in to film around...and where are these news crew from??? from like the 3 main channels of Autralia TV!!! Yes so now my fat face is going to be shown on channel 7 (mainly), channel 9 (hopefully just a short one) and channel 10 (let's pray is just the hands) why why why me so "sui" all the time...the last time already got dragged to do the video shot which turned out so horrible (and that one was shown like to 200 smart geeks!!!) and now this one?? (the whole entire australia!!!! men let's just pray together no leng chai actually watches the news!!!)

And come to think of it is not like my supervisor did anything great at the moment to be on is just because he manage to publish an article in like the top journal....and that was animal studies or human trials yet..hai..bloody easy to get on news nowdays...:) and the news presenter doing the interview or doing the talk about super hiao ppl..esp the guy from channel 7...dunno the name..but shit men he was like carrying around those powder/sponge and hiao-ingly make upping his face like every minute...the make up/foundation on his face is like what the hell can beat half the females I know!!! like WTF even I dun use powder and foundation!!! urghh hiao hiao hiao.. and seriusly today I can summarized all news presenter really SUCKS!!! like all 3 channel you know how many takes they have to take just to get the takes right????like my god they were like repeating themselves over 20 times per 10 sec..even I can memorise the whole damn script liao...cis....not to mention the longer they take to film the longer I have to pretend I'm actually doing work...yes they asked to be in the picture when I'm free and not doing I acutally have to pretend to be doing something...WASTE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to the radio now my supervisor is already in after like 2 hours since he did the conference..looks like tonight me going to be watching the news on TV....and switching between all 3 channels..hai...oh wait come to think of it I can't..meeting friend from adelaide for dinner...shit so which channel should I record now?????after all I need to look at my fat and ugly un-makeup-ed face....hai why can't my supervisor ever give me atleast I would dress a bit better and comb my hair more....hai

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