Tuesday, July 11


Longest neglect of blog ever..haha well I was really occupied you know...but World Cup has now ended...*sob sob* now what am I going to waste my time on??!!!! Note: the best moment for me in the World Cup pic...I so hate Zidane...but makes me wonder why..I've been cursing France ever since the start of the World Cup...haha and at last my cursing has worked....Curse thee France for stopping Korea from going into the quaterfinals, curse thee France for beating my Brazil...and most of all CURSE THEE FRANCE for making me lose money!!!haha atleast this time I regained back all my winnings...GO ITALY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Not such a busy day today..or more like busy but lazy to do anything...still quite tired and dazed...think all my sleeping cycle is just screwed...and not to mention home alone now till tmr (mother and brother went skiing)...so must make full on use of it..haha 3 days of bliss only..darn it....but it gives me more time to watch this drama I have with Alex in it and also do some cross stitching..haha yes I'm that domesticated now....feel like a bloody 40 year old housewife with nothing else better to do than to watch drama and do cross stitch.. :D sometimes I'm just so amazed with myself...muahahaha

On the bitching note since I haven't bitch for a long time....yesterday has been one of the worst day around...well it started off great since Italy won..then started going downhill..I was tired and definately in my fowl mood..and everything has to come at one go...had like the busiest day ever...

1) came in to lab at 7:45am because had to get ready some stuffs to be sent to UK...the guy was suppose to come between 9 and 10 but obviously he didn't..bastard....and I had to leave at 11 to send my mum and bro to the city to catch their bus to Snowy Mountain..damn men...and so I had to tell my supervisor about me sneaking off..urghhh and I thought I can do it discreetly..bastard delivery idiots..and when did they come????2 minutes after I left to pick my mum and bro up...urghhhh

2) went home to pick my mum..reached at 11.15..(because my mum told me she wanted to leave the house then) called home and ask them to meet me downstairs because me lazy go up (I was tired lah)..and waited for them....waited...10 minutes gone by...called them again and asked them does it take 1o minutes to come down 3 floors??? their reply??!!!! mum said what so early??!!!! like WTF you are the one who forced me come back by 11.15 (when if you told me earlier is too early I could have waited for the delivery idiot longer and no need to tell my supervisor about me having to sneak out for a while!!!!!) like why can't she get that I don't own the damn lab and I just can't sneak out all the time???!!!!urghhhhhh

3) this curse is for the 3 mobile company...bastard company...I had to change the phone name to my mother's name because she didn't like her phone being in my name (yes some ego thingy) so anyway a supposedly straight forward business with just a paper to sign ended up being hell since they forgot to mention the part where they would have to cut the service off for like 24-48 hours for that to happen..and you know my mum...phone not working for 24-48 hours means complain complain complain..and who gets the complains??ME!!!! so I ended up having to call them for her since she was so busy going for a holiday...but the damn call centre was in India so I scold also no point right..like it isn't their fault..It was some aussie bitch fault....so anyways cut real long story short I demanded to make a formal complain against the shop that I went to..so still waiting now for the phone call from the store manager...(and seriusly going to ask for compenstation or maybe a new phone...hehe) but then as I mentioned it was 24 hours ago since they were suppose to call me....and have they???!!! NOPE...so wait till I got free time between my work or when I go home..going to call them again and seriusly give them a piece of my mind...going to get some idiots into big trouble already....like after all WHY SHOULD I BE THE ONLY ONE GOING THRU ALL THE TROUBLE??!!!! I am after all a very revengeful person...:) wait wait patience patience...

4) see apart from all this things i had to go thru, all my experiments was also a bit screwed..haven't been getting the results I want..and arghhh all the stuffs are like not working and making me have to do double work here and there...arghhh why why why??!?!!!!!!

Ok enuff of bitching for today..and I won't neglact this blog so long from now on..(unless more important things come along...)..hehe

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