Tuesday, July 25

Why still so sui ah?!!!!!!

I can't bloody believe it men..after such a horrible week last week I would have thought this week can't get any worse..but arghhh yesterday was just pure bad bad bad bad bad...Showed my supervisor some results which was 50% good 50% bad..and god knows how he manage to find the 50% bad into all 100% good...well maybe I should be glad..but that would mean having to do another experiment to compliment those results..aka I'm bloody lazy...not to mention the long monday morning meeting which make me have to rush more since is already 11am and the experiment takes about 4-5 hours...so rush through everything...not to mention gobbled down my lunch in record time..(thank god I bought food yesterday from home)...so pheww was almost at the end of my 5 hour experiment..was just about to get my samples when I realise I plugged in the damn cables wrongly!!! Instead of positive to positive I plug in positive to negative and vice versa..My whole samples went the opposite way!!! WHY WHY WHY???!!!even a bloody 5 year old can do it right and why is it when me in hurry and so busy all these have to happen??!!!! there goes my 5 hours...have to repeat it again now...DAMN!!!!!!!!

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