Thursday, July 27

The Wonders of Australia's Education System

This post is long overdue..I've been cursing the Australian education system for so long but this time they've gone too far!!!!

It started last week when my brother asked me to print some stuffs for him or more like he kept saying very very very urgent and was for his a duty roster...and I was like men of all the things you have to be stuck doing...then my mum told me that it was something he HAS to do...and for what?!! to supposed REDEEM himself...and I was going WTF?!!! redeem??!!!! what the shit for??!!! so there came the story on how my brother went to write in his diary about how his teacher pisses him off....and that was the only thing he wrote..and he got into trouble for that..his teacher read it (which come to think of it isn't it against the law for someone to read other ppl's diary??!!!) and his teacher confronted him...and scolded him and said if you want to redeem yourself you have to do blablabla for her...and that is how the duty roster came about...I was like what?!!! He just used the word pisses him where the hell is free speech here men??!!! is not like he went up to the teacher and cursed her!!!!! urghhh... and my mum also ended up having to go talk to the teacher about mum was kinda like WTF the teacher is her small talk with the teacher ended up being the teacher complaining about how nowdays kids are like so rude and blablabla...and I was like WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT???!!!! with the tv programmes you show on national prime time TV and your already very rude lifestyle, you expect kids not to follow??!!! Is not like as if my brother go around sayin the F word or anything (like come on men few years back I was walking on the street minding my own business a less than 10 year old boy came up to me said F*** U and showed me his middle finger...)..sheeshhhh like my brother does that..if he does it I sure would slap him lah...and if you guys want to talk about manners maybe go teach them moral or something like what we did in Malaysia....not that any of us follow it but I can gurantee you small kids there dun go around cursing as much as the aussie kids...

I should also add this week in the newspaper NSW schools are now having to put up poster promoting good manners and ethics... HAHA like anyone would bother reading it

And another article in the newspaper yesterday and on the news, from now on sausages and cakes are banned from school canteen and WTF?!!!!! reason being: TO PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH AND TO FIGHT as if it isn't bad enuff in the school canteen brother's school don't sell carbonated drinks and junk foods..they sell fruits, yoghurts and WHAT!!!!!! this is so not the way to fight obesity is like telling kids at a young age to go on a diet like men seriusly thank god I'm not a kid....all the nonsense they have to put up dun get me wrong I know those food are unhealthy but banning it is just pure pathetic men..I still remember my school days in Malaysia, the food were unhealthy but atleast it was good.. :) and yeah I'm not thin or anything but hell atleast me not obese!!! GO PROMOTE SPORTS or something not ban food...

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