Wednesday, August 9

Census??!!! What census?!

Ah yes yesterday the 8th of bloody August 2006 was census night...For those of you reading this who have no bloody idea what a census is...(yes those of you in malaysia!!!) BE GLAD!!! it is a bloody waste of time...not to mention a waste of all those tax money you pay!!! sheesh thank god is once every 4 years...but then again is still wasting money!!!! ok ok basically census is this stupid dumb thing done by the statistics bureau is to supposedly measure the number and where the hell ppl are in the country and like where they live what they do shit you see talk about stupid dumb nonsense!!!!

I'm sure I had to do it 4 years ago..but my memory of it is pretty blur..must be I simply just fill it in..but this year one seems to be extra thick...and my mum is so into it!!! she had the form like a week back (although they keep saying only can be done on 8th of August at night)..but smart ppl would do it before that..haha but as I want to stress my mum didn't..infact she asked me to just go online and do it...but I was like NO BLOODY WAY!!! online meaning it would waste more my time and I have to seriusly log on so long just to fill in something i rather just simply tick on a form (not to mention the completed form we don't have to mail it back to them..they have idiots coming to collect them..SEE WHERE ALL OUR TAX MONEY GO TO??!!!) yes yesterday night was a night to forget...full of shit questions in there which I just told my mum make up for my seriusly do I look like I give a shit??!!! and some of the questions there are just so bloody irrelevant and seriusly i swear to god anyone would just lie in it lah (for eg when they ask baout religion and your wages) like please men if you are a bloody extremist not like you going to write it there later you would be called terrorist...or if you are working and not declaring it..not like you are going to put it there...and for me watever i earn do you think I can bloody hell remember and put it in there?!! men that is like using extra brain cells to recalculate back..and no way me going to do that!!!!! STUPID DUMB CENSUS!!!! urghhh buang masa only!!!!

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