Thursday, August 3

The Cheapskate Me

Going to be another ranting post....Was chatting with a friend just now and I just realised (urmm well actually not but well now that we were talking about it) I just realised I am a bloody cheapskate...I'm not exactly stingy but anything cheap I'll be there..haha wait or should I also say free?!

The few eg that had me thinking:

1) How I am most willing to wait for the COFA bus (this free shuttle bus from right outside my building that takes me somewhere on Oxford St) although the timing of the COFA bus is quite pathetic (every hour).... It is a free bus and it does get me well near the place I want to go although it is a good 20 minute walk to the city...which means exercising for me...well I'll just take it as my weekly exercise (since I do this minimum once a week) and making my damn AUD 256.80 that I'm forced to pay for student union fee worth it.. :) J8GW is still the master in this though since she takes it twice or more a day!!!! she more cheapskate..haha

2) How everytime I go to shopping centre for shopping with my brother..and the minute my eyes and nose attention is caught by the free food...I would definately start going there to get the free samples..although I have to admit I do feel a bit pai seh at times...and that is the time I force my brother to go get it for me...since after all he doesn't seem to the way this happens a lot espeically when the food involves sausages...mmmmm for you in australia..try those by is really yummy!!!!!! but definately not worth it to expensive!!!!!

3) How no matter how much I dread and hate conferences (like it is so freaking boring!!!) I still go for it...well only when I get free entrance and registration fee paid by my lovely supervisor..haha...these conferences are like heaven for cheapskate like me...FREE FOOD and trade display!!! although most of the time I do not need their stuffs, but hey free stuffs ok!!! just take it...there are after all really generous companies that gives nice things and some cheapskate one that just gives you lollies...but all I go..haha how else can I stock up with my free pens and mugs??!!! so far the best I got was this really cool looking skipping rope...but then again since I'm so lazy I have to admit I haven't used it yet...(and I got it like 2 years ago!)...Note: I got to go to a conference in Gold Coast in September...everything paid for of course by my centre although I have to add in AUD 250 for 4 nights so that I don't need to share a room (they were bloody hell going to put me with the bloody way!)..ANYONE FROM GOLD COAST OR SURROUNDING AREA??!!!! I think me just going to be doing a lot of sleeping!

4) How I actually like shopping in Ebay!!!! the books there are cheaper...I get my whole full set of cross stitch dirt cheap and etc...ahhhh so many cheap cheap bargains!!! I LIKE!!!!!

5) How my eyes are trained to just shut and ignore anything that the price is over AUD it big or small...there are the occasional times when I do get it but most times trust me my interest in the stuffs just get thrown away..:)

6) How nowdays karaoke places I go to depends on which one has the best happy hour deal...I INSIST ON THE FREE DRINKS!!! although the drinks itself is cheap I like to know my money was worth it... although seriusly I think I'm going to sing K a bit too often nowdays because my fridge seems to be accumulating plenty of half drunk drinks I got from the karaoke..

There are lots more eg just that I have to go now to do some work..after all I need to generate more results now so I can go for more conferences!!! wonder if there are any good shit international ones coming.....hmmm

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