Monday, August 28

Dinner with Amelia & Lindsey at Sydney Madang

My life update: yeh I finish the presentation, poster and a bit of my PHD review...still got a lot of editing to do but atleast the backbone is there..just need to put some skin into it...ahhhhh now the clouds seems to be lifting...muahahha

As usual I'm late in posting again....need I again say blame in on what?! anyway dinner was on 19th of August of those saturday...haven't seen Amelia and Lindsey for a while..and out of hte blue Amelia called me to reply my sms (and this was like a few weeks after I sent the sms!!!)...the plan was to have some korean food...dunno why but everytime we meet up we always end up having korean..haha...

Amelia and I did the inviting and planning...but as you can see only 5 of us turned shame on the other ppl...waste my phone bill saja..haha...and typical asian time too we all turned up...we were suppose to meet in Amelia's house at 6pm..ended up all of us were late (urmm maybe not amelia since she lives there!)...then we went to Sydney Madang for dinner...Heidi and I been wanted to go back there again since the last time we went there the side dishes were super nice...problem was they didn't serve the same side dish this time...arghh I MISS THE POTATOES AND THE JELLY THING!!! we couldn't even ask them for it because we didn't know what was the korean name so ended up having to live with what side dishes we had...which by the way was all vegetarian...hai hai hai...

Anyways we ordered 2 stuffs..the korean bbq and the hot pot...mmmm bbq was a success...anything bbqed is good anyway...and the hot pot we ended up having the bu dae ji gae which was a spicy soup with sausages and noodles...they had a variety of sausages inside...really yummy..really loved it...and the noodles....mmmmm they had cheese on top of the noodle..which made it super super thinking about it make me want to eat it now again..damn...(but instant noodle and cheese by the way in it is actually quite good...try it next time)!

Dinner was a success...we finished everything and my god felt so bloated after that...then everyone went home...well not me and heidi that is since we were like thinking it was still we continued the korean theme and went to watch "The Host"...this new korean movie which I think is quite a big hit in Korea now....I wouldn't say it is a good movie but I guess it was worth was something like a godzilla show...well not too scary because typical koreans manage to dump in some stupid funny jokes in know typical korean style... :)

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