Friday, August 11

Finally Time To Sit Down

After my the most hectic day yesterday, was doing a million and one stuff at one go...i finally have a bit more room to breathe today...pheww..well it was mainly because I did come in at 7am so I did manage to get most of my work now is just waiting waiting and waiting..and during the waiting period I'm like yawning bloody hell non stop..I'm so sleepppyyyyyy!!!!

so since I finally got some time to sit down and post, I shall give you the bitching update...since this week everyone just seems to be getting on my nerves...AND NO IT ISN'T PMS!!!!

1) this bloody guy in my lab who has been pissing me off since Monday...first it was on Monday morning when he decided to be so bloody efficient with his custodianship over this machine and was like complaining about it being used a lot from ppl not in my lab...(this applies to me because I'm helping kaka do her work using the DAMN) why must he open his big fat mouth...cis...then tuesday when I was sitting down nicely trying to analyse my god knows how many days results, he came up to me and asked how to use this column...first look at the columns and I was like I have never used it before I don't know!!! which is the bloody truth...and he had the nerve to continue further and ask me to search on the net (with my laptop mind you) on how to use it..I was like WTF?!!!! you are the idiot with a PHD and I'm still doing mine and I have to do your shit work for you??!!!!! so to get him off my back I just did a quick search..can't find obviously since I wasn't bothered...and I was like telling him to ask another person in my lab whom by the way the columns belong to in the first place so 100% chance he would know how to use it?!!! and what did the idiotic guy say? to quote him "that guy has no patience you have more patience" *speechless me*...then yesterday during my most hectic day I was doing some radiation work when he came into the room and was like staring at me doing my work..and was like saying am I doing it safely??!!! WTF WTF WTF!!! As the bloody radiation safety officer you would have thought I would know the safety word now right??!!! and bloody hell everytime I do my radiation work I do clean up after that and test everything for contamination unlike him!!!!! urghhh...idiot was so pissed off I just nicely and sarcastically asked him what was his annual radiation count like (since we got the annual report a week ago..and me as the safety officer know the ppl which recorded some radiation counts...) he said he had about 50 counts...and I told him I had sarcastically continued to say that I do more radiation work than him (been doing it for more than a year..while he just started his) and mine is still 0 while his is higher than mine...then it was his turn to be speechless....muahahaha idiots!

2) On tuesday after doing all my chaffeuring job, or more like in the middle of my chafeurring job I had to come back into the lab at 6pm to do my work..had to treat my cells....and since it was radiation work I had to do it in this special tissue culture room which is just bad...dark, smells weird (more like dead animal smell) and the room is super small...and of all the day there was someone using the microscope in the room...which was the geek ugly looking guy from my centre who seriusly just scares the shit out of me...urghh...and I had to be stuck in the room with him for 1 hour while I do my work and he trying to make small talk which was totally ignored by me..or more like I pretended the hood I was working in was too loud for me to hear (THANK GOD FOR EXHAUST FAN!)...after I finish I just said bye and day went back to the room to check my stuffs and he was like "wow Nicole, how was your sleep in the tissue culture room" and I was again left speechless on how anyone can make such pathetic if that is the best you can come out with seriusly just dun talk to me!!!!!!

3) On Wednesday, talking with a girl from my lab...quite annoying she was complaining to me about how hard is it for international student to get a scholarship blablabla..and I was like why you complaining are freaking hell getting paid by the supervisor!!! and she like still....not as prestigious as the scholarship I got....I was like WTF?!!! she was like going on about how lucky I am get schoalrship, get money no need worry those shits...and by the way she was saying this out damn freaking loud for the whole bloody lab to hear...and why?!! Just because I'm a PR here and she is not...well I can't help it if I actually planned to do the PHD with a PR status unlike her who know is damn freaking expensive to do a PHD as an international student but yet still do it and now you want to complain??!!! and some more dare put me into the picture???!!!! CIS!!!!! and then she continued asking me what I want to do after my PHD and I was like men I'm already so bloody lost I just simply crap something out.."intend to get married and be a housewife"...(and by the way I said this like when I was next to her)...few minutes later the whole lab know of my intention of getting married and being a housewife...and ALL OF THEM KNOW I'M SINGLE!!!! urghhhh now the whole world would think I'm desperate!

ahh ok that is it for the time work time..muaks

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