Friday, August 4


Cursing post for today...SO BLOODY PISSED OFF...SOME FREAKING DUMB ARSE STOLE MY LAB COAT!!!! I so curse the bastard/bitch watever...urgghhhh I have feelings with that labcoat is the one I use for my tissue culture work...and it has my smell and not to mention it is specially tailored (because all the other lab coats are like so bloody long till it touches the lab coat is nice, short and cute!!!!!)...see now I got no more my lab cells sure won't grow properly..urghh... (ok lah that one going a bit too far)...but men why would anyone take my lab coat for??!!! I know the bitch in my lab was using it because she went and put hers for washing and there were no others left for her to use...and the funny part was that when she wanted to use it yesterday it wasn't there...and she came to me today and ask me why I went to hide my lab coat?!!! LIKE WTF??!!! DO I LOOK LIKE I GOT ALL THE BLOODY TIME IN THE WORLD TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK?!!! like here I am cursing the bitch/bastard who took my labcoat...and you go say me hide it from you...urghhhh bitch bitch bitch....oh wait let me continue cursing the bitch/bastard thief who took my lab men it had a tape with my name on it!!! not to mention it was hooked on my hook written big big the word NICOLE!!!! like oooh this bitch/bastard really too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! curse thee idiot to have failed experiments and bad luck for a year...Make that 10 years now for taking my favourite lab coat...

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