Tuesday, August 15


Note: yes I'm still doing my cross stitch and watching my drama...reason for the lack of posting...but I'm also super busy with my lab work and not to mention my chaffeuring job!!!! But good news I manage to talk my supervisor into letting me put in an abstract for the conference in Melbourne..muahaha different abstract but same poster I hope for the one me presenting in Gold Coast...so that One Stone To Kill 3 Birds (same poster for the Gold Coast conference with a student prize money of $500 if win, Merck Student Poster Day with a prize money of $100 and the Melbourne conference with a poster prize money of $8000) so let's all pray real hard for my poster...men how can I do a super nice poster that would draw everyone attention to give me money??!!! HELP!!!!!!!

Based on the title for this post, I'm sure you would know what I'm going to blab about today...yes that is being healthy....was listening to the radio morning... and there was this caller calling in to say something about her life..exercise, diet, exercise, diet...like what the hell men...I think it is seriusly too much..like GET A LIFE!!!! for me anyways...then of course there is the weekly newspaper article about changing your eating habits and how they are trying to do it in the KINDERGARTEN level...yes KINDERGARTEN!!! this article I was reading during the weekend, there is this kindergarten who literally check their student's lunch box to make sure there are healthy things in there....and the picture they show?! fruits and vege..like WTF?!!! THESE ARE JUST KINDERGARTEN KIDS!!!! and by the way the same kindergarten bans birthday cakes unless it is a low fat one...like WTF??!!!!!

For those of you who know me, you would know I'm like the world unhealthiest person...well maybe not the world lah but compared to a lot of ppl...like I'm proud to say I'm still a non vegetable/fruit eating person..well I do eat some fruits and vege (if you count those stupid sweet fruits and bean sprouts in)... :) but I'm proud to say with my horrible diet, atleast I dun have high cholestrol (thank god I'm female) and I dun have shitting problem (thanks to Heidi who keep on cursing me to shit..haha but you can stop now btw..start cursing me to F***...haha)...like I admit after I reach menopause in future I'm sure my health would start deterioting but you know what then so be it..I rather die that time anyway..like why in the world do I want to live over 80 but have restricted diet??!!! the thought of it also make me want to commit suicide if I ever come to that stage!!!! like isn't it better to eat what you want, when you want rather that going on a diet and craving for those foods?!!! I seriusly hate talks like that...ppl going on about how they miss chips, KFC, junk foods and etc but they can't eat it because they scared fat blabla...like come on men....wat is this BS?!!!

And last but not least, ppl who claims they hate exercising but yet do it to lose weight?? hai CASE CLOSE...I damn bloody satisfied with who I am and what I do with my health...:P

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