Wednesday, August 16

Jon's band performance

Backdated post: Actual event occured on 6/8/06

This by the way is for the benefit of my dear velverse who as you can see just demanded for pictures...haha lazy to put up pictures yet so thought I'll put up videos...haha happy or not?? since you can see jon there...well not very clear lah but he is there..just squint your eyes more...he is playing the trombone at the top right do by the way know what a trombone is right??!!! (I'm so going to get killed for this sentence..haha)

Now do you guys understand the torture I had to go through that day??after all my brother's band was 8th in line..and if my brother's band got a SILVER medal for their effort, what do you think the rest was like??!!!I would say a waste of my Sunday!!!!!

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