Tuesday, August 29

Meat Meat & More Meat @ Lowenbrau

From the title, I'm sure is quite noticable what we had for dinner.. :) Yes as you can see we had the amazing platter mixed of course with a combi of chicken shnitzel, sausages and more sausages, sowerkraup, mash potatoes and of course how can we forget the ever so crispy and crunchy pork knuckle.. mmmmmmmm pork knuckle...... this is by the way a really huge plate...and we ordered 2 of it!!!!!!! so yes 5 of us had a hard time finishing the food...I blame it on you Mabel, cheat me men say you can eat finish.. :D

And a good old meat diet must always be accompanied by alcohol right??? so we ordered the mango beer which was really yummy...atleast take out some of the bitterness of beer away...and after the whole meal was done, all I wanted to do was seriusly burp!!!!!!!!! talk about bloated stomach with lots and lots of wind... :D but it was oh so worth it

And dinner of course was accompanied by live entertainment..yes 4 not so young man playing german music on the trumpet, keyboard, trombone and drums..it was LOUD!!! not too bad song i guess quite simple ones (as in they were playing some kids music!)

After dinner was over (and we had to cancel dessert :( because we were just too full), Mabel and Deasy went back..and Heidi, Kaka and me continued on our nite around the area...so stay tune tmr for pics of our "supposed" pub crawl niteout... (seriusly that name so doesn't suit lah...since I was so not crawling...I can still walk ok!!!!we should call it pub hopping)

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