Thursday, August 31

Pub "Crawl" Nite Out

Continuation from our extremely full dinner @ Lowenbrau...

Where did I stop previously now..hmm yes my so already bloated stomach... then since Kaka was free and had nothing to do, we decided to go around the area and go to some pub for a we went walking around The Rock area looking for pubs.... then we were walking past this quite dodgy looking pub..but it had this sign saying "Kilkenny 1pt 5 dollars & Guiness 1pt 5 dollars" could see Heidi's eye sparkling there...that girl and her guiness....haha so yes we went into the space though so we had to sit at the bar counter... so no guesses on what Heidi ordered...:) Kaka went for the Kilkenny..and me seriusly still feeling so bloated from dinner went the soft approach midori with lemonade (the sweetest thing I can think of).... :) I'm so lady like eh??? hahaha

So after we finish our drinks there, we decided to go to another pub...why? I have no we left The Rock and headed backwards..and saw a pub on the way..went inside and got some nice cocktails...mmmm...I got the Toblerone one...yes it was so yummy and delicious...Kaka had the Safari Ice Tea which was not too bad but a bit sour for me...and Heidi had the Margarita...which is like the most most most sour-est Margarita I've ever tasted...can't believe she can drink it sour and there was no salt at the side of her glass either..haha just sour sour sour...that girl's taste bud...hai..

That was the last pub we went..haha acutually only 2 pubs shouldn't be considered pub crawl ok...we so weren't crawling!!!

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