Wednesday, August 23

Stupid Sydney Weather :)

Long note: yes been lack of postings lately...been busy in the lab...stressed out...have my damn PHD review to write by this Friday (and a longer review to write before 4th of september), my damn bloody presentation for my centre's seminar in 2 weeks time and I still have my poster to do (makes it 10x more stress when I know this poster needs to be super keng if it is going to be my one stone kills 3 birds poster)...arghh!!!! why why why must everything come at one go???!!!!

By the way sorry lah the picture taking ain't easy taking a picture from the car and it is raining..and need I include when I'm the one driving??!!! so anyways the pics are mainly the hail storm in sydney last week...and me stupid have to go fetch my mum to work so kena stuck in the middle of it..bloody noisy make me cannot hear radio saja...although half the time I was like praying and hoping it doesn't damage the car lah..not that it matters to me if my car is scratched and stuffs I just know if damaged badly I would have to be the idiot sending it for repair... the picture in the car was taken around 4 something in the afternoon on my way back home..and it only takes me 10 minutes to go home from the city...and when I went home yes the sun was shining so brightly like nothing happened..bloody damn freaking weather!!! and we wonder why I get a headaches!!!! 2nd pic is taken from my room which by the way has a fly screen which explains why the pic has some lines (no it ain't because your eyes got problems)

Funnier note: Kaka gave me and Heidi free tickets for the Buddhist nite this saturday...(or more like her sis gave her)...suppose to have some short play, choir, annimation and most importantly free dinner!!!! Unfortunately my problem here is that the free dinner is VEGETARIAN DINNER!!!!!!! looks like a visit to Mcdonald before the thing starts is very likely before I starve!! unless of course i just eat plain rice.. :)

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