Wednesday, September 13

Bodhi Nite & Vegetarian Dinner: Rating 3/10 for the food that is

Note: I'm back!!!!!! actually came back few days back but been pretty busy and seriusly lack of sleep..and i thought i was going to have a relaxing time in gold so wrong i was.... now I'm worse than I started with...serius eye bags!!!! But it was all good...didn't win the poster prize though..darn it!!! Ever since the trip been hearing a lot of stuffs and I guess is really opening my eyes really wide up in everything...and also bloody hell contributing to my lack of sleep....ah well...but on the brighter side....10 more days to go b4 going back Msia and Korea..woo hoo...

Bodhi Nite.....dunno what it stands for but is just basically the UNSW Buddhist Society Nite...dun ask me why bodhi!!!Mabel gave us free tickets to go for it... free performance, somewhere to go and free can reject???? until of course i heard the free food is vegetarian dinner...AIKS!!! ok ok for a bloody carnivorous like me...that is a huge deal..but just take it lah..there is after all something called Mcdonald!!!! mmmmm big mac!!! so after we were hiao-ing with the hair, we went straight to uni...and get our dinner...wasn't too bad lah I they did try to make fake meat...haha Heidi had the totally vegetarian looking one..while i had the one with the fake meat in it...but as i mentioned in the gets a 3/ can anyone be vegetarian???!!!

After dinner we then went into the hall for the performances...the theme for the night is The Unshakable Balance....overall the performances were really the choir was quite good (Heidi pointed out her leng chai there..haha but a big nerd lah)....then the act was seriusly quite funny (Mabel was in it...), the animation they showed were damn good (Heidi and Kaka were like saying since I like it so much I should go for the person who designed it...but hehe ugly guy i think) and the solo performances were quite good too (they like to sing dunno why..I kept on teasing Heidi with this really beng looking guy but quite good voice lah I admit..)....oh and let's not forget the Dharma talks!! or more like 2 of was SO LONG!!! and i still have no idea what they were talking about...I so can't be a Buddhist.... :)

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