Wednesday, September 6

Gold Coast bound

short note: yes I'm slow again on my posting...the amount of work I have nowdays is like killer!!! too many last minute shits

Yes I'm going Gold Coast tmr...till Sunday so can't post anything while me gone...hai...not bringing my computer choice la doubt the stupid hotel got internet connection..or if they do they will charge me an arm and leg which me seriusly dun have!!!!

so long update on my whereabout this week and what has been keeping me..and of course bitching?!haha

1) I've been put 10x more busy because this week my dad came..or more like he came yesterday and it was hectic..yes have to bring him out..which I dun mind lah..since he enjoys food like me! but ooh have to entertain him, talk to him blablabla so you know lah...and he didn't even bring me any things!!! cis he got my mum all her beauty products (her bday present lah from the family..which i suggested to get..though the sis of mine got to choose which one to buy due to her "expertise" in that area)...and my brother? well he got a brand new spanking laptop...yes my 10 year old brother got a laptop now...what has the bloody world come to..hai this is what happens when you are not born the only son in the family!

2) yes was rushing my work again since I have to finish some shits before Gold supervisor wasn't being helpful at all...sheesh...making me submit abstract to the Melbourne conference and taking his own sweet time to read it..yes he got back to me...well he didn't even read my abstract though..which who cares me just submitted it...the dateline is friday and I'm desperate to go!!! haha even booked the hotel and shits already...haha

3) and after my stupid PHD review..I had to do some lab maintenance job...organise next week lunch..why why why do I get jobs like that? i might as well be a secretary!and my supervisor asked me go for this professional development seminar today..which was like hell boring...more pissing off was I had to sit next to geek from my centre...yes the same geek that scares me to shits...and urghh more pissing off was the part where this seminar had this thing called speed networking (YES sOMETHING LIKE SPEED DATING!) where you are given time to go around and socialise with ppl...ask them what they do and where they see themselves in 5 years time...and before it started well I sort of just jokingly said 5 years time get married..and the geek heard...he asked me to go meet my suitors..urghh...during the speed networking i steered far away from him..haha and after the whole thing he asked me in front of everyone did I find my future husband..and I was like DUH?! and he said I should have speed date him...and I was like right that would sure make me go backwards from my goals...urgh urgh urgh!!!!!

hmm actually there is more to bitch about but is seriusly late and i need to get up early tmr...can't wait..ciao guys see you on sunday..

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