Friday, September 15

My brother has only rocks in his brain!

Note: This week again has been a tiny little bit stressful...make that for like the entire month now...arghhh when I go back Msia I'm so just going to spend as much time hibernating at my cousin's place (is that ok with you VELVERSE?) I'll sleep sleep and sleep!!! next week is just going to be mum have to suddenly go back to Msia tmr with my dad to attend to my grandad funeral (he passed away yesterday peacefully in his sleep...pheww) so yes I have to take care of the brat for a whole week....thinking on now how to manage my time....feeling just a tiny little bit of guilt for going on holidays now but is already planned and I can't that is what velverse said start taking care of your parents better :) (see I do listen!)

Anyways since I talked about my brother, thought I'll just show you his masterpiece...yes rocks!!!! this was actually done at my mum punya friend place...had a BBQ lunch there last picture would come out in next posting lah ok...reason why my brother was doing this and totally mutilating her garden??? I guess he was just bored since big ppl were talking and me was urmm eating???haha the food was great I have to admit..and all the picture was taken by my hiao brother lah...yes he also like to hiao nowadays and take pictures...(infact he also know the word hiao and keep mentioning it to my dad...he got this seriusly cute tone when he say it...)

I would also want to stress out here that not all of these patterns were done by my brother..I did one.. hehe won't tell you which one lah..but the nicest one lah is MINE!!!!!

and if you think this is the end of rock story you are so very the wrong..bloody boy was asking me the other day in the car about different form of rocks!!! and I was like how the hell do I know???they are just rocks for god sake who gives a shit??? haha i know I can be a crap sister at time..but no worries my dad (the engineer) was there to help him out...god knows why my dad knows the different type of rocks..maybe is because the Y chromosome of the Tan gene is filled with rocks!!!! no wonder the female of Tan family so me... ;)

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