Monday, September 4

Should I or should I not curl my hair?!

Now you think I look better with curled hair or not??!!! hai maybe I should just toss a coin

Yes it was one of those days J8GW came to my house to play the piano..yes me teaching her how to..haha she ain't too bad...oh wait I'm a good shit teacher more like it..haha correct or not J8GW?

Then yes we decided to go hiao a bit with the curler at my house...yes i have a curler at home which I seldom use...and I also have straightener at home too..haha and yes J8GW became my victim....after all I was her victim with the curler...but actually quite nice lah she did..haha so yes J8GW you have talent to become hair dresser... :) although I wouldn't trust her cutting my hair that soon...

And why are we so bothered to hiao so much with the hair??I have no bloody idea...after all we were just going for a the Bodhi Nite (Buddhist Society Nite)... dun ask..I think we were just too bored...

So do you think I should curl my hair???!!! HELP!!!

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