Friday, October 27

Backside Itchy!!!

Note: I am so bloody freaking exhausted!!! suppose to be doing an experiment now but after half a day of doing work non-stop I'm officially too tired and dead to start my experiment now..screw the time course a bit lah....delay one hour who cares la....I after all haven't worked this hard for like what 1 month??? and I have after all put on weight aka less efficient on work...and I bloody hell woke up at 4am today god knows why but then so many ppl I talked to today complained that they woke up early too today so yes this time is blame the sun!!! DAMN THE DAYLIGHT SAVING!!! I hate this part of the daylight saving....move the clock extra one hour...that means losing one hour!!!!! that means less one hour to do something I like to do (less sleep, less time to watch tv) and worse of all is going to be 3 hours different between here and Malaysia!!!! That would mean less time to talk to ppl on MSN!!!!!!! that means more bored in the lab till next year!!! *sob sob*

Guess what guys?!! after sitting on a super duper itchy backside for hmmm since I came back from Msia hehe I finally manage to get a new phone....yes I can hear some ofyou guys there saying again?!!! well as I said backside itchy mah..but no worries this time I cheap cheap a bit I didn't buy it from phone shop...I got in on the great Ebay...after losing so many auctions I finally manage to get the Sony Ericsson W850i...which was totally unexpected since I didn't put a high price for it at all...haha and I did have Plan B anyway if I didn't get the phone (which by the way involves this dealer on Ebay calling me on my mobile asking me to go all the way to Parramatta to get the phone....didn't sound too safe for me lah obviously) so yeh now I get mine delivered to me....let's just pray by next week I can get can't wait...arghh drooling over the phone already...... *daydreaming*

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