Monday, October 30

Just give it a rest men!

Note: More post on trip another day....too lazy right now to do the pics..

For those of you in Australia I'm sure you guys would have heard the news headline about Sheik Taj god knows what and his smart comments about how females invites rape by the clothes they wear.... urmm if you haven't heard about WTF???!!! it is bloody everywhere in the news ok....wasting precious newspaper space (well not so precious anyway since most stuffs in the newspaper is crap and the only great use of newspaper seems to be not for reading eg wrapping vegetables..haha)

And yes after that smart comment he made, there was this big hoo-hah about it seriusly just because of that smart comment (which I'm pretty sure it is totally hyped up and exagerated by our great media), the newspaper can't even stop talking about come on men even today news has it that he fainted on the way to what the?!!!!! and seriusly he already apologised for it!! so why can't everyone just give it a rest??!! Like I'm definately not his supporter or anything but seriusly speaking as what I was heavily discussing with my mum yesterday his comments do have some truth in it (which obviously my mum doesn't agree) The way female dress sometimes do make them prone to sexual harrassment! and by the way I do mean sometimes and not most seriusly if I was walking down the street would I be looking more hamsap on a person dressed up covered from head to toe or would I be looking at a person who is wearing close to nothing?? I'm not by the way saying we should all dress up in a mufti like how some radical muslim woman does but seriusly wear what is appropriate..and yes some ppl do feel comfartable with their bodies and is more than happy to go out with some super thin shirt that practically has the nipple and everything showing or skirts so short I swear to god I can see your bum but seriusly speaking dun tell me you don't expect ppl to look at you and for you to be a target right???? like for god sake men simple common sense would tell you that to assault a woman with those type of clothings is so much more easier than one who is wrapped up like a coccoon right???!!!!! Sheesh females!!! AND THIS BY THE WAY DOES NOT AT ALL SHIFT THE BLAME ON FEMALES SINCE IT IS AND DEFINATELY IS THE MALE THAT IS TO BE BLAMED DURING THIS SORT OF INCIDENCE (JUST THERE ARE SOME FEMALES THAT DO BRING TROUBLE TO THEMSELVES!)

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