Friday, October 20

Malaysia Day 1- Lunch at Secret Recipe

Note: yeh at last manage to find time to update my blog a bit....haha notice the name change??? (this goes more for cuz to go update the link in her blog...) so why the name change??well maybe because I won't be bitching for a while..and I don't exactly want to write FOOD only since although it the main thing..but arghhh getting so fat!!!!

Woo hoo day 1 in Malaysia at last....woke up feeling still damn freaking tired lah from the airplane ride the day before...spent the nite in Hotel Capitol since Heidi was with me...she left around 9 am (to catch her flight which was so delayed..ouch!!) so I just lazed around the hotel making full use of its facilities until noon when my cousins came to get me!!!!!

Went back to velverse's apartment and dump all my stuffs there..then we decided to go walk walk a bit in Alpha Angle and have lunch there....haven't been there for ages men i tell you....we then decided to have lunch at Secret Recipe..mmmm cheese cakes...was actually quite surprised they had such extensive menu there!!! like i was shocked!!! so now the dillema of sweet or savoury...thank god I have great cousins who love eating as much as me!! haha so we got both!!!! we got the 2 strawberry flavoured and the other CHOCALATE!!!!! guess which one was hand picked by me???? Velverse got the roast lamb (which seriusly smelt and I presume taste good!) and I got the fried stuffed chicken (cheese and ham inside...mmmm)...Denise just tried finishing the cheesecakes since I only took a few nibbles at it...haha well i like to try all food mah...:D

After lunch we went walking around and shopping...haha don't think i got buy a lot of things from here...since I was kinda tired and my eyes weren't really interested in waking up!!! but I did manage to get my cute yellow mickey mouse shirt, a belt (since stupid Jonathan took my belt!!!!) and a pair of sunnies (which my cousins paid for me..thanks yar dears!!!).......oh wait let's not forget the part I went to repierce my ear....hehe the 3rd ear piercing on my left ear closed up last year...but yeh I got it back now!!!

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