Thursday, October 26

Malaysia Day 1- Dinner Bak Kut Teh

NO MY WHOLE TRIP IS NOT ONLY ABOUT FOOD!!! It just so happens that the time when I take photos is a lot about food..

From my 2 previous post ago where I was having lunch at Secret Recipe...After that went shopping before dinner!!! Yes this time Jason finally finished his work and joined us for dinner...Lucky I have great cousins who decide for me what to eat!!! So then we went to Se Hua Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh there....Jason kept saying the bak kut teh there very nice....but have to wait so long for it...since they cook it when the food took like 30 minutes to come...or was it longer???? hmmmmm now I can't remember!!! But overall the bak kut teh was really yummy!! the pork was soft and tender just the way I like it.... was forced to try the pork intestine too but I don't really fancy these type of things...the fish was ok...the outside was nice but the inside was not really cooked very well and the boss was quite apologetic about it...(although he should have just not charge us for it..that would have been nicer!)

After the heavy dinner we then decided to go Neway at Berjaya Time Square for a round of karaoke...and obviously ate more when we were there since there was an all you can eat buffet.....I WAS SO STUFFED after that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was so great fun to go karaoke for the first time with my cousins!!! haha next time go back must go with them more..they like all the songs I like!!! haha right cousins dear???

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