Monday, October 23

Thanks Cuz For the Sharp Eye

I have to thank velverse for this..... she msn me few days back and sent me this site..and I was like why you sending me a site with just a picture in it..and she was like look closely.. and I still couldn't get it..haha until she said EAR RING!!!! and I realise I have the same ear ring the girl is wearing!!! like only crazy eyed velverse can spot this sort of thing..haha..and who might be the other girl??? from the drama Princess Hours (Goong) which I watched long ago and which my velverse is so into now..haha she's been staring at pictures of it for a week now.... VELVERSE, I WANT THE GOONG POST ON YOUR WEBSITE FAST!!!!!! so I can steal the pictures..haha

p/s everyone please notice I got back my 3rd ear love it!!!! can't wait to be able to take it out and put another ear ring there...haha

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