Friday, November 3

How stupid can someone get?!

Note: well i wasn't going to put this note until I got this email in the middle of writing this post... my paper that i submitted for a journal (well I'm the 5th author anway) got rejected...damn freaking hell...but they did ask us to revise the stuffs and do more experiment...which ain't too bad until i get to the part of the first 4 author is no longer in the lab!!!!!!!! meaning now I have to do all the revision!!! I WANT TO CRY this is after my supervisor gave me a deadline of by the end of this year to write a manuscript of my other project...2 manuscript now!!! and more work?!! I'M HALF DYING HERE!!!!!!

Heard this story about contact lens on the news yesterday....not the top story but well it was quite main..but the headlines for it was DANGERS OF NOVELTY CONTACT LENS! and you know me the person who never bother watching the news once i saw the news headline I actually sat in front of the TV waiting for the news to come you would never know right since I also wear contact lens...

Anyways the news of course started with how dangerous these stuffs are and how this girl got blind on one eye because of it...and I was like OMG..then continued on watching.. like my god so dangerous ah..then came the part where they said how she got the contact lens....and no it ain't from the internet (which like if she had gotten it from the internet then I would pity her a bit more lah since internet is a dangerous to buy things like contact lens)....SHE GOT IT FROM HER FRIEND!!!! like wtf???!!!! how in the world can you share contact lens??!?!!!!! like serve you right men for getting infection now..totally not pity watsoever for you how can you bring yourself to sharing such personal things??!!!! not to mention IS SO FREAKING GROSS!!!!!! and how dare the stupid media put such things on news and half frightening me...and it ended up to be from the stupidity of a 14 year old kid?!!!! NO USE!!!!

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