Thursday, November 2

Malaysia Day 2 25/9 - Genki Sushi

PreNote: I'm so bloody sleepy still....workload is like crazy nowdays...half dying.. and my new phone only going to come next week...*sob sob* I need motivation!!!! ps does anyone have a mp3 to Midi converter programme???

Yes still in Malaysia story..wonder when would I get to my Korea part now...will try to get to it asap..but nowdays a lot of anyways yeh my 2nd day in Malaysia...or actually is my 3rd lah but well my 1st day was just sleeping anyway (since my flight arrived close to midnight!)...and what did I do on my 2nd productive Malaysia day??? SLEEP IN!!!!!! you know how tired I was...and not to mention how comfartable the bed at my cuz place is??? a whole double bed for me!!! haha anyways after sleeping for god knows how long decided to go KLCC to do some shopping....well more like walk around and see what I can buy since going back Malaysia trip is always a nice shopping extravagant!!! but no this time didn't do much shopping in KLCC...didn't see anything I like...just manage to get some stuffs for my Korea trip and my day cream....that was clothes!!! no accessories!!!hai I'm just so good!!!!

Then met up with cuz for dinner..decided to go japanese at genki sushi...miss it so much i tell you..why can't all the sushi place in sydney be as nice as the ones in KL....urghh....I'm pretty sure we ate more than what is shown in the pics...dunno where the food went...hehe or maybe I was just too hungry to take picture..just eat eat and eat..

After dinner went for a movie...woo hoo manage to watch The Banquet with Daniel Wu cute!!! the show was not too bad like it was really colourful and the backgrounds were really nice....and well Daniel Wu is inside lah does it matter?? haha and it wasn't boring as some ppl was just quite draggy but yet nice... :D

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