Friday, November 17

Malaysia Day 3: Dinner @ Tak Fok Hong Kong Restaurant

Note: Got so bloody pissed off yesterday. Ordered some flowers which was suppose to arrive yesterday but didn't... just got off the phone this morning with the florist gave them a piece of my mind... and now I get a 100 bucks flower for 60 bucks..... problem is they have to deliver it to my lab.... bloody idiots

Finally manage to have time to edit the photos from the dinner I had with my relatives in Msia...and this time I was having dinner with my mum's eldest sister family (aka my tai yee family)....2 weeks before I went back to msia I already forced all of them to make a time to be free to come out together since the last time I went back I had to go out 3 days in a row with them because not all of them can make it at the same time (torturous you know....less time shopping!)

Before dinner I went to my tai yee's house to use her computer (needed to reload my credit card before my Korea trip!) then was talking with Mabel..and notice by the way she is wearing green like me..since she saw me wearing a green shirt she decided to "chan" me and wear green too.. Siew Leng then came home and saw both of us wearing green and quickly ran up to look for a green top (but haha she doesn't have any!).... and finally Michelle came with Murphy...and yes finally I get to see who is this Murphy guy (since every single time I chat with Michelle she would be like saying how great Murphy is blabla and how man he is compared to my Alex...and no MY ALEX IS STILL MORE MAN!)

We drove all the way to Kepong for far and it was like 7pm already..and I'm starving!!!!!! So we got straight into ordering....first food that came was the marmite chicken...I was like huh? marmite chicken??? I don't even like marmite!!! but I have to say that was pretty good...definately no marmite smell...hehe...then the fried squid came (most popular the fastest to be finished)...the tofu came and I was like my god what weird way of presenting food...(my cousins were looking at me thinking what ham sap thoughts me thinking which by the way I wasn't!!!). And finally the main dish of the day came...crabs!!!! don't know how to type out the chinese word for it but basically is lots of garlic and chilli...really super yummy and juicy (and really fun eating since I get to play with pliars and hammer!!! you should see the look of my Michelle and Siew Leng face when I was eating...with tissues covering themselves just in case of flying crab)....the tom yum fish head and the fried lala took a while to come...I didn't eat the fish head because I'm just too lazy to debone it but the gravy was really good and tom yum flavoured...the lala was really yummy too I had like half the plate of that since no one else really enjoyed it...But basically it was just me and Mabel eating a lot..haha between both of us we easily conquered 3/4 of the crab (since Michelle and Siew Leng didn't want to get their hands dirty) and Murphy didn't really eat a lot too...but hey no complains men..I GET TO EAT MORE!!!!!

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