Friday, November 24

Malaysia Day 4: After dinner SUPPER TIME!!!

Note: ok all my experiments this week seriusly can just go to hell..arghhhh never mind relax just start a fresh again next week and enjoy myself in Melbourne first..muahaha...

Judging from the fact that I'm so bloody free right now because I've got nothing to do while waiting for the COFA bus to go the city later...thought I might as well put up the dinner part 2 yes from the previous post, we were driving around pretty aimlessly and aiming to go have tong sui...but since Denise and Jason doesn't know where to have tong sui around and me being only a PJ girl...I can only think of PJ!!!! So surprisingly they went along with it and woo hoo we drove all the way down to PJ just to have tong sui..haha yeh finally first time I went back to PJ this trip!!! miss it!!!!! went down to SS2 too....mmmmmm food

So went to the hawker stalls at SS2....and yeh they got all the cheap tong sui...since so cheap and since I'm greedy (and also fickle minded) I ordered 2!!! haha yeah sea coconut and lin chee kang..mmmmmm I like...... and since I miss popia also and bloody Sydney doesn't have it I also went to order one to share with Jason (yes we only shared the way he taking my tong sui!!!).... but yeah was a good meal men...THANKS DENISE AND JASON FOR KEEPING ME COMPANY YAR...hehe no worries next time Mandy...hehe

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