Thursday, November 23

Malaysia Day 4: Dinner somewhere in Sentul

Note: So been neglecting the blog..been up to my neck with work.. been breaking all my records (mainly the time I come into office and turn on the computer!!! 2pm!!!) nvm I try to sayang back the blog now....which unfortunately I have to neglect over the weekend because I'll be going down to Melbourne on Sunday and only coming back on Tuesday...but yeh get to meet up with my Melbournian friends....supposedly going for conference...but planning where to go now...hmmmm any ideas??!!

Woo hoo day 4th day in Msia..haha done most of the shopping already..been bumming at Mandy's house a lot....sleeping, catching up on my movies....ahhhh I just love this trip relaxing!!!

Anyways then Mandy I think was so worried I was going to be bored she called Denise to bring me out for dinner..haha..but good also lah I get Jason and Denise bring me to this place along Jalan Pahang behind Hospital Tawakal... me didn't see anything great about it lah...but well the place we wanted to go to was close (but after I came back from Korea 2 weeks later we went there for dinner! next few posting....make it few months..hehe)... so anyways Plan B went to this place for dinner Jason say very good also... the ikan bakar by the way was tops!! really yummy..miss the ikan bakar in Msia men....then nearby had satay and I was like we so must have satay (Australia satay is so bad!!!!!! so not authentic Malaysia!!!) and the satay here was ok ok lah atleast feels more authentic...then Jason ordered the fried rice for all of us to share...and he was like staring at me eating it and keep asking me about my comments about it....I was like is good quite yummy but nothing grand lah...and he was like keep asking me to think what was different..I was so like huh??!!! how different can a fried rice be???!!!!! and finally he told me that the fried rice is not cooked with gas...was with charcoal (ahhhh I c.....but me seriusly no taste any difference!!! but then again I was pretty hungry and walloping my food down...hehe)

And for you ppl who didn't see that I wrote dinner part 1 on the image..SHAME ON YOU! but yes this was just part 1 of dinner...after that dunno what happened while we were driving...was already quite full....but then planning on what to do..then someone came out with the idea of having "tong sui" and I was like mmmm so long haven't had it!!! and I was like yeah yeah let's go....but unfortunately for the 2 ppl I was with who by the way lived in Wangsa Maju area for like god knows how long..they can't figure out where around that area that has "tong sui"!!! so where did we end up going?? well stay tune to Part 2...(hopefully tmr lah if me not too busy..)

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