Saturday, November 25

Malaysia Day 5 - Porridge Steamboat

Note: Next post would be next week after Melbourne...seriusly not looking forward to going Melbourne....feeling so lazy...

Malaysia Day 5...the 28th September....feels like ages me been back in Msia...too much relaxing...went shopping in the afternoon at Bandar Utama since I had to borrow Mandy's car to run some errands...and need I say when there is a car, Nicole definately do more shopping..hehe

Dinner was with Gigi, Brian and Winson...3 of my cuz good friend usually seen in her blog...finally got to see them in person...after all only used to see their pics...and my cuz do talk about them a lot....curiousity you know..haha....and we all went to this place in seriusly I have no idea where (since I was more to concentrating on driving and following Brian's car then looking around where I am) but I presume is somewhere near KLCC since it didn't take that long from there to go to the restaurant..hehe (I know my KL road seriusly sucks...I am after all more of a PJ girl..)
The place was thankfully air conditioned (imagine eating steamboat without one)....and I was definately with the right company because all I did was just sit there and let the rest do the ordering..haha I love this type of company (no need to think just eat!) got quite a lot of food I think and the meat....wooo meat so many of it....when the raw food came I was like just look so weird to eat those with porridge....but I have to say that it is actually really yummy (infact much better than normal steamboat just based on the fact that the porridge itself was already quite yummy...and after a few rounds of dumping stuffs in it, you can seriusly taste the sweet porridge..mmmmmm)
In summary, the food was great..the company was also good...conversation was geez can't remember but there was one part where Winson insulted my cousin (better not write why here) and my cousin punished him to say sorry to her in atleast 10 different languages...haha that was funny since he seriusly took so long to come out with atleast 3....but then again I was already scratching my head wondering the 10....geez till now also I can't think of the word sorry in 10 different languages....damn.....ok time to go look it up now...

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