Tuesday, November 7

My colour of the year: PINK

Yes thanks to my lovely velverse she tagged me again..in fact YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TAGGING ME COUSIN!!!! and when i told her I was going to do pink she was like complaining again!! haha guess she saw too much pink already..but PINK is my colour of the year..and I need to pay some tribute to it ok...

1) The pinkest of them all: BANDUNG ICE....did I ever mention how much I love this drink??? like is the bloody sweetest drink I can find in mamak.....and it has condensed milk in it (drooolllll) enuff said

2) My hiao pink coat: is just so warm, cuddly and PINK!

3) Water bottle: well this is the limited edition water bottle to support breast cancer research...AND I DID NOT BUY IT TO SUPPORT BREAST CANCER RESEARCH!

4) Childhood favourite kuih of them all: I by the way still am in love with kuih lapis!! I have my own special way of eating them..delayering them one by one...absolutely satisfying!

5) MY CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND: My blanket!!! been with me since I was a baby i think....love it to bits..yes is even with me now in sydney..and the smell...mmmm heavenly!!!! by the way its name is PINKIE!!!

6) Super big Pink Card: yes this was the congratulation card for my graduation given to me by my family...HUGE ONE too since I was telling my dad I never received huge cards before..and this was like really big....and is pink pink pink!!!

ps i do have loads more pink related pics with me... told ya PINK IS MY COLOUR OF THE YEAR :P

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