Thursday, November 30

Reunion @ Port Dickson

Note: Yes I'm back from Melbourne...good hiao moments...boring shit conference (got a horrible judge freaking aggresive drunkard b****)

Super backdated post...The reunion was on the 18 of March 2006....The reason why I put this up was because the next few posting would be about my trip back to Msia and I thought might be nice to show what we actually got up to whenever we meet up!!!!

The pics here was when we first met up at the apartment and we went to the beach to look at the sun set....quite nice I have to say...and we got so many nice pics...hehe well compared to my next post of the drunkard moments this is so much more urmmmm normal?? And need I say it was so nice to finally meet up with Moo Ling after so long...and also got to know it was a good trip..Yao Lin was late for the trip so pics of her would only come out in the next post...hai putting up this post seriusly make me miss the old IMU times so much...but then again one thing I learnt from this trip: WE ALL NEVER CHANGE!!! haha still all the bloody same ppl...aka fai as usual but definately one of the best reunion ever!!!

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