Wednesday, November 15

Woo Hoo new toy!!

Note: For those blind ppl out there, yeh I finally took time out to change the layout of my blog..haha more feminine now....
I know I've been seriusly slacking on my post...but can't help it nowdays been pretty much caught up with work till I haven't even been able to chat online..which by the way is a big thing to me!!!!
But yeh finally my new phone arrived. a brand new Sony Ericsson W850i..actually it arrived last week from Hong Kong supposedly (although I'm still wondering why in the world they have Malay language option in it...but atleast they have chinese character for me to sms...oh wait I have no idea how to write in chinese...damn)...haha got it from ebay... cheap and need I say has everything I need in it?? walkman, camera and most importantly games!!! downloaded games onto it...haha Sims 2... men I so love technology nowdays....even my brother been playing with it now.... although seriusly I would have much preffered the white version of it...but hell it is like 100 bucks more expensive on ebay...and well i rather not waste more money than me already habe right? but darn I so need to get a nice ding-a-ling stuff to put for the phone....can't find any nice ones.... wonder whether should put cute things or more to the elegant looking things...hmmmmmm
AND YES me still keeping my Nokia 6111..I have after all 2 phone line... anyone wants my samsung phone???

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