Monday, December 4

And I Thought My Chemistry Was Bad

Note: I should be posting up more of my Malaysian trip photos but just so need to release some steam right now!!!

Been a while since me been bitching lah...but urghhh this time was seriusly too much men even for me!!! and to think so many ppl know I'm pissed in the lab just shows that this time me seriusly can't take it....haha like one guy in my lab said enuff heat to boil my samples up.. no need to turn on the heating block already...

but anyways what got me so worked up was this stupid woman in the lab..which by the way has completed her PHD so supposedly should be more senior than me in ranking and not to mention simple common sense....but I guess today is obvious that you dun get any smarter doing a PHD..I was practically telling her how to do simple chemistry which by the way we learn in high school (I swear to God me not exagerrating bloody hell who else dunno the diffrence between molar and M????)urghhhh and not to mention she keep saying she didn't use the wrong things (which I'm sure she did because I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt either she use the wrong antibody or she just plain can't count!!!) and it took me by the way 5 minutes to tell her to just double confirm it by emailing this guy...and do you think she emailed him???? i dun think so..urghhh bitch bitch bitch!!!!! and to make things so much more worse I already had this conversation with her few weeks back about it but obviously she didn't listen to me..go present the wrong thing some more in the meeting just now got told off by the i just felt so boiled up like wtf you didn't listen to what i say before???!!!! cis just felt like telling her off there and then!!!

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