Sunday, December 24

Christmas Time!

Note: It is the christmas and new year holidays which doesn't seem to feel like one since I have to work!!! I hate deadlines to the max!! have to work full day on christmas day just so I can have 26th-28th off to go Thredbo!!!! wooo can't wait now!!!

Gone are the days that I actually look forward to Christmas with a super big eagerness...nowdays Christmas is just a holiday to me and well the Christmas spirit I used to have doesn't seen to be as big it is still there but hmmm it just doesn't feel the same anymore..this is like by the way my 2nd Christmas in Sydney and it really makes me miss the Christmas celebration back in all the gatherings, the food, the presents!!!

And yes I just can't help it but to take a pic next to the Christmas tree with the so cute ear rings..haha

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