Wednesday, December 13


Note: Thought I won't put Korea trip post today...since I have so many freebies pics to show...

As I always mentioned, I'm a bloody cheapskate...and being a true blue typical Malaysian (and a bloody proud one too)....I love anything that is free!!! from free food to freebies..So that is why I thought I would put this post up which is basically all the free stuffs I got from my Melbourne trip a few weeks back.....Most of them are given to me by Heidi because I was only there for one day conference so couldn't get as many freebies (thanks yar Heidi for helping me get stuffs)...then the laser pointer was surprisingly and shockingly given to me by the new future PHD student in my lab (as he puts it to suck up to me before he start his PHD).... :)

P/s: free stuffs doesn't mean I would be using them at all...the laser pointer is just sitting around my drawer waiting for my next presentation for me to use it (although I am praying I don't need to present anything soon), the clock (well is definately not going to be put up anywhere in my house because my mum doesn't want it to be put up anywhere else but my room and I cannot stand ticking clocks in my room!), the mouse I'm currently using because I love small cute stuffs, the pens (seriusly is just for collection purpose because come on men since when do we need to write so much now??), toiletries definately just in my cupboard doing nothing, the bag has already been folded up and dumped inside my cupboard, the doll is sitting nicely in my bedroom counter (deco purposes and to collect dust), I'm using the green bottle flask for water and the thermal cup is somewhere in my kitchen also going to be collecting stuffs.... :D

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