Monday, December 11

Korea Day 1 Part 1: FIFA World Cup Stadium TAE HAN MIN GUK!

Note: Looking at the pics I took in Korea I think to make each posting short and sweet I'm going to have to divide each day into different parts....This is what you get when you join a Malaysian tour group and everyday is jam packed with itenary!!!

After urmm let me see more than a month since I went to Korea I finally manage to have time to post up the pics from there...well some of them anyway since I would have to touch up loads and loads of pics....well this is what happens when I'm on holidays..I love to snap pics!!!

The flight to Korea was seriusly quite bad..I have to say Korean Air definately is not a good airline to sit (well is better than a lot of airlines namely China Air and Austrian Air since nothing can go below those)...had such a hard time trying to sleep!!! and it was bad because I know the we are arriving in the morning in Korea and the day would be jammed packed (I finally realise why the tour group we joined said 8 days/6 nights..bloody hell we are spending that one extra night on such uncomfartable airlines!!!) torture torture

When we landed thank god the excitement of finally reaching Korea kicked in so I wasn't feeling how tired I was... WE ARE FINALLY IN all I can think of..but unfortunately we have to catch the afternoon flight to Jeju Island leaving us only a few hours in Seoul...luckily our tour guide was smart enuff to have some itenary planned instead of us being bored to hell in the airport...First Stop: BREAKFAST!!! unfortunately we had some food in the plane so I wasn't too hungry..but the udon noodles we had was seriusly kinda yummy...I guess is just all the excitement I would eat anything now!!! hehe even the kimchi (like come on men for a carnivorous like me I still forced myself to eat that ok...atleast have to taste everything mah!!)

After breakfast, we then had the hour long journey to the city because the airport is pretty far away from civilisation..and of course during that journey I was busy snapping away...since I was having a hard time trying to understand what the tour guide was saying...I realised one thing I overlooked when I was choosing the tour: I NEED ENGLISH SPEAKING TOUR GUIDE!!!! yes I was in atour with a tour guide speaking mandarin all the way!!!! talk about putting my horrible mandarin to the test...but I have to say I did a pretty good job since I only needed a few translations here and there from Heidi for the whole trip (MY mandarin ain't that bad!!!)...the only bad part was the group I was in (which has an average age of 50 something!), most of htem converse in HOKKIEN!!! that is like 10x worse than mandarin for me because I bloody hell don't get any hokkien words!!! give me mandarin anytime!!!

oops back to the posting, driving around in the bus...saw lots of nice views..the bridges there are realy nice..we didn't get to see all of them because there are like 27 of them around but we saw the main ones (mainly those featured in dramas/movies) and this bloody cute sign by the Hangang River edge showing a car going down the water...still don't know what the sign means..should have asked..hehe

Our 2nd stop in Seoul was the FIFA World Cup stadium...nice after all World Cup in Germany just ended and we are still very much into football..and need I say Ahn Jung Hwan (reason why his pic is there look so realistic eh??)..basically this stop is just purely for football fan (like those other auntie and uncle in the group definately doesn't seem interested)...only me and heidi were busy snapping away and looked the most interested in the short video clip they were presenting..haha yeh Tae Han Min Guk..

After the stadium, our next be continued

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