Tuesday, December 12

Korea Day 1 Part 2: Namsan Folk Village and Thai Lunch (WHAT THE?!)

Note: Today is such a beatiful day to sleep in!!! Why Why Why must I come into the lab???!!!!!

Continuation from previous post

After our stadium visit, we then proceeded on to the Namsan Folk Village (which is a typical traditional Korean Houses)...the previous name of the place was called Cheonghak-Dong which basically means Land of Fairies for the Blue Crane...the place has really nice views actually but I didn't bother taking pics of the views...One bad thing about this place is that it was actually artificially constructed for tourism puspose...like the houses there weren't there in ancient times, they just moved the traditional houses from god knows where and tried to put them nicely to give the feeling of ancient times....that is why in one place we get to see the different type of houses (houses used by government officials, by commoners and guest houses). One thing I learnt from this place was that you can distinguish between a high ranking person with a commoner by the amount of steps leading up to a house (due to the fatness of government official they need more steps!! hehe)...and another thing I'm amazed is how the Koreans know how to warm up the house in ancient time by warming up the floor...like that has got to be the smartest idea from the inventor...so much more better than freezing their ass off...and they get to walk on the floor and sleep on the floor...so comfy.....While at the place, there was a school excursion happening and so many small kids with traditional clothings.....wooo I so can't help but to take some pics with them....cute!!!!!!

After our folk village, we then went on for our lunch (although seriusly speaking..I was like didn't we just had breakfast??? but then again all food is good...haha and we wonder why I get fat?!) Lunch was god knows why Thai Food..like come on men I'm in Korea and I'm dying to eat Korean food here not Thai food!!!! The food was ok ok lah....not really thai food loh actually more to chinese stir fry food..You can't lie to the expert food eater me!!!! the thai green curry was seriusly quite tasteless (and need I mention not even spicy!), fried mince pork just tasted like left over pork that they fry chinese style to just whip out a dish for us, the fried egg was like seriusly just with onion so definately they ran out of food to give us, fish was yummy but full of bones and I hate to eat things with bone (I really need to learn how to debone a fish!) and the vegetables....I wouldn't even bother going into details on that!! After lunch Heidi and I visited the washroom since I have a bloody small bladder....and hehe yes we took a pic in the toilet...I was like busy looking for the soap to wash my hand and was wondering what in the world was that potruding blue thingy near the sink and only then I realise it was a soap (yes go figure...and I can't help but feeling damn freaking amused!! I am after all easily amused..)...after lunch we then went to the airport to catch our flight to Jeju Island....to be continued again

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